Sadly, (after spending a ton at Allentown), I will not be going to Jackson this weekend. But that's good for my collector buddies that want to stop at the Museum on their way by! If you plan to stop, please call in advance to make sure I will be here to meet you! I have people stopping from Thursday on, so don't be afraid to contact me, either before or after Jackson! Call Tom Doyle, 330-419-0200 to make sure I will be here!

SAVE THE DATE!  July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2014

100 year Hallock Fire Truck Celebration and Open House !  

More details to follow as the date gets closer !

Open Most Saturdays 9am till 4pm   

(sometimes closed for lunch)


The Little Wiz Fire Museum is dedicated to the education of the public, and the furtherance and preservation of the early history of firefighting, and the generous individuals that bonded together for the protection of all. 

 We hope you enjoy it !